Stupid question

What do you have to do to get voyage of scientific discovery to four? I know getting it to three is done by completing your preliminary research, but getting it to four is mostly ignored on the wiki.

If it were easy enough, you could get a quite profitable grind out of it, which means it’s probably not easy.

I think getting it to four requires going to at least one island, but it’s been a while and I can’t find the option to go back to three and check.

one of the island you visit for research takes it to four if it is not already four at the end of carousel.

I don’t think I will ever be able to resist clicking on a thread named “Stupid Question”.

Stupid question: what proportion of threads are named some variation on “Stupid Question”?

According to the search function on the forums, there are three threads (an accurate figure since it’s less than 5) with &quotStupid Question&quot in the name, and according to the front page stats, there are 6,108 threads.

So less than 0.05%.