Stuff to do with the [redacted]


I’ve never sure quite what counts as a spoiler and doesn’t, so I’ll play it safe!

I’ve paid a certain amount of something to the Bohemian Sculptress and worked my way through the various intrigues of the Foreign Office. I’ve reached the point where I’ve chosen a side. However, working through the grind again several times doesn’t seem to get me anywhere new… I just have the chance to switch sides and that’s it. Am I missing something, or is that all there is to it so far?


That’s it for now.

Thanks! For what does SMEN in your signature stand by the way? Just curious!

Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name! At a late part in the quest you need to pay a high price for progress, and this can include inviting players to begin this search. I don’t want this account to deal with that storyline, so I put that there so people won’t waste resources on something I’ll reject.

Ah, that explains it! I’ve not pursued that story myself, so didn’t recognise the acronym. Thanks!

Those of us with minds that are more dirt than wit have issues with it too.

I see ;)