Stuck with no obvious ways to advance (mid-game?)

Delicious Londoners,

I am petitioning you for a hint about the direction my fallen alter-ego may pursuit as it is now adrift in the vast caverns and is hopelessly lost.
I’ve spent time in the coils, helped my Country in the colonial administrative position, reestablished my academic credentials and wandered around the living island talking to the poor claymen. I care a lot about L.B.s but this does not seem to lead anywhere. I’ve started to establish my credentials as a printing press mogul but with not much success so far.

Most of my characteristics are around 150.
Would I presume correctly that I am at the end of the road for now? Or is there something obvious that I am misssing and there is still plenty for me to discover?
Any advice?

If you can’t find anything more to do, then I think that you have reached the part of the game that requires you to choose and achieve your own goals (I find myself in a similar situation, by the way)! Some people aim to hit 200 in one or more stat/s, so that they may choose a Person of Some Importance Specialisation, or for other reasons. Some seek an Overgoat or Cider or both, or some other item that is difficult to obtain. Some want certain lodgings. Some just want to make lots of Echoes. Some are looking to fulfil their Ambitions. Some collect esoteric items, or grind incredibly insane amounts of Connections for bragging rights/self-satisfaction. Some are just roleplaying with their characters and will have set their own goals that are in-character. These are all potential options, I think.

Alternatively, you could create an alt and start over, I suppose, which is part of what I am doing now… Choose new Ambitions, betray people whom you saved before and vice versa, etc.
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Have you finished the Jack Case, the affair of the box, the plaster face, glass & shroud, the cave of the Nadir and your ambition? Beyond those, you are probably at the content boundary - at least in a story sense (although obviously there are a number of tasty tales which are Fate-locked). However, there are a number of other goals you could pursue; for example, grinding for the goats, raising sotc to 21, gaining the scrap items, getting an impossible theorem, raising your BDR as high as possible. I’m sure there are more!

M-m, thank you for your valuable insight. I am happy to accept that the story content is for now exhausted for me as Fallen London already gave me much more than any other game.


I suggest that you just go and have fun. Try to set a goal for yourself, like recording as many items in your journal as possible, finishing every short story type, or collecting enough of one of the items that sell for one penny to buy a cider, for example.

Sadly, that is currently retired.