Stuck in Veilgarden

I recently got the option to reset my persuasion storyline to an earlier point and decided to do so, but now I find myself trapped in Veilgarden and unable to proceed. I’ve tried everything there but can’t find any way forward.

What is the amount of your “A Name Signed with a Flourish” quality?

My &quotA name signed with a flourish&quot is 2

To get to the next level, you must finish a short story using the “Writer’s Desk” storylets. You should have either a storylet in Veilgarden called “Make Your Name – The Writer’s Desk: Begin a Work” or one called “The Writer’s Desk: work on your short story” if you already started one. Keep working on it using the various Writer’s Desk options until you have a story with 10 Manuscript Pages and 40 Potential; then you can Publish Your Story and get to the next level of “Named Signed with a Flourish.”

To add slightly to the above: when you publish your story you have to select the “Make Your Name” option - any other kind of story won’t advance your A Name Signed with a Flourish and so you’ll end up where you started.