Stuck in moon league

So I just entered moon league, and trying to figure out how it works using alts. I have successfully finished one round, but onto the next round, I suddenly can’t do anything. It is my turn, but the game always tells me I don’t have eligible contacts whether I want to prepare or withdraw, and tell me the other party doesn’t have &quotneeded qualities&quot. Other social actions work fine, so pretty sure it is not because they are not in London or something.

I have filed a bug report a few days ago but haven’t received a reply. So I might as well ask around. Has anyone else seen such bugs before?

Maybe they lost their form, by entering a menace area for example, and need to choose another (your K&C qualities don’t always disappear from the sidebar when you lose them). Or they might nave run out of Iron Knife Tokens. There is also something that prevents you challenging the same opponent straight away.
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Also, alts and moon league, isn’t that one of the items on the big naughty list?
Careful about that, how about finding victoms, erm, volenteers from the topic over …


don’t do a moon league duel more than once every 24 hours. that would usually bugs the form. as for one of the duellist moving to a menance area or zailing away, you should still have the option to quit the duel.