Stuck at 100

Hello, Delicious Friends![li]

I’m feeling a bit stuck in my ramblings around Fallen London. I have attained at least level 100 in all skills, though for some reason my Persuasive has a +44 bonus. Anyhow, I read somewhere that you gain some sort of event or quality once all skills hit 100, but apparently it’s triggered by an opportunity card and I haven’t gotten it yet.

What I’d most like to do is get back into the good graces of the University. After an unfortunate incident involving some sorrow spiders, the Duchess, and the Provost, I’m persona non grata around there. This is what I get for pointing out the crime’s true perpetrator. Anyway, I had hoped some expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter would make me so eminent a scholar the University could no longer ignore me, but all the expeditions have done is deplete my funds.

Anyway, any advice for life after 100 would be welcome!

Well, to regain your academic reputation, you will need to do some exploration on the Unterzee with your own ship. To own a ship, you must be a Person of Some Importance, which is the other thing you alluded to.

To acquire that staus, you will need to find one of four cards- A possible coincidence, A curious coincidence, Almost certainly not a coincidence, or Probably not a coincidence. They are all Bronze-bordered cards with apicture of a carriage on them. Each one is available when a different stat is at 100 or higher, so keep an eye out for them while drawing cards about London to begin the climb to Notability.

It isn’t a matter of one or two actions to gain the status, nor likewise to get the both and the sponsorship of the D_____ C___ to begin your Scientific Expedition that can eventually clear your name at the University. It is, however, quite worth it.

Hopefully these little hints will help set you on the correct path. Good luck.

Since you’re supposed to get one of those special cards when any one of your main traits hits 100 (including bonuses), it seems very likely that you already played one of those cards, and that the resulting storylet is waiting for you at your lodgings, or at Watchmaker’s Hill. Unless Dangerous was your first to hit 100, because then you could’ve played that storylet and moved on to another area.
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If you’re having really bad luck with cards you can always force it by chatting with the local gossip. While he can’t do it directly, he’ll get you in contact with those who can.