Strange Paths to Victory

Have you ever looked back and realized you’d accidentally taken an unusual route on the road of life? &quotUnusual&quot as in &quotnot the way most people get where they’re going&quot? Like wandering down a curious side street and scaling a wall, just to get to a place that’s much more easily accessed by going around the main streets?

My endeavors recently brought me to an expedition in the Forgotten Quarter. (don’t worry, I won’t speak of what I found.) When I arrived and gathered supplies, I was told that I needed Whispered Secrets and Cryptic Clues to become an Archaeologist, which was necessary to embark on the expedition I had in mind. I responded by donning a pirate’s hat and heading the Watchmaker’s Hill to spar with some ruffians until I had enough pilfered funds to purchase the Secrets and Clues I needed.

It only occurred to me as I was wrapping up, that this is probably not how most fledgling Archaeologists gather their information.

And that had me wondering: do any of you have similar stories? Tales of unconventional victory, or roundabout paths, or overly-elaborate schemes?

Obtaining a lot of Tomb-Colony favours, instead of patiently waiting for their card or grinding favourable circumstances, I first got Favourable Circumstances to obtain favours: Society to convert to Connected: The Duchess, then gained as much Scandal as I could to go to the Colonies and use the Duchess (-3 CP Scandal/Action) to go back quickly to london and repeat this…
I could’ve simply used the Favourable Circumstances for the Favours!