StoryNexus: new features

[color=#009900]I’ve added these to the manual, but a heads-up:[li][/color]

  • [color=#009900]you can now create rich requirements as well as rich effects - so make the difficulty of a test equal to a Menace, for example. (This is possible on branches, but not root events.[/color][/li][li][color=#009900]you can now specify random numbers for rich effects in a range, using this syntax: [d:100][/color][/li][li][color=#009900]You can now make Sometimes cards discardable.[/color]


Hurray! I love these.

These are beautiful. And very helpful.

The possibility of creating a dynamic difficulty test just made my life so much easier, it’s hard to imagine. Saved me three-digits amount of additional copy-paste storylets in the long run on one mechanics alone. I really love what you’re doing here. :)