StoryNexus Art and Layout

I was wondering if it makes sense to attach to some “trusted” art work library. Specifically, I was thinking of way to search and import from the Noun Project which has an immense (if clinically sterile) library of iconic images. Of course, that’s an additional technological hurdle.

Same here, but I’ll give you my wish list, too:

Fortune cookie

You know, looking at the icons today… the Boat icon looks a little crazy.

If these requests were broken out into a list of choices we could vote on, Paul would have some idea how many developers could benefit from each image; might be helpful in prioritizing.

[color=00ffff]Hello folks. We’ve rolled out an updated default layout and some css/html tweaks to all your worlds today. You might need a hard refresh to see the changes. [/color]
[color=00ffff]-replaced background and header images[/color]
[color=00ffff]-card images are now easier to see[/color]
[color=00ffff]-improved layout on root, branch and result pages.[/color]
[color=00ffff]-improved text highlighting[/color]
[color=00ffff]Let me know how you get on![/color]

Looks great, Paul. Thanks!

I love your art for Fallen London and Night Circus but for my big picture, I have more of an anime feel in my head so I was mostly curious if you have dabbled in cel-shaded, big eyed characters and locations in the past or if you were comfortable with expanding your artistic abilities some. If not I completely understand and still think you are an amazing artist and will gladly use whatever images you have already created. I also do not currently have access to the image library but are you only accepting requests/have already done icons for cards or banners as well?

Paul: the new SN style is pleasant and easy on the eyes. Ki only concern is that dark red used in square brackets is somewhat uncomfortable. It looks more like. Warning or error than a notice.

Kitsune: world and card art will be customizable with a moderated image upload service and CSS controls. Just not yet.
edited by lily on 8/18/2012

Thanks Lily good to know.

[color=00ffff]Lily: good call, a strong blue would be more sensible. I’ll put it on the list.[/color]
[color=00ffff]Kitsune: Hiya. As Lily says, image upload will be available in a later release. As it happen I do dabble in anime, as a future Failbetter game will make clear :-). However, I’m keen to give the base StoryNexus toolset a degree of thematic unity. Obviously if world builders have strong artistic ideas, they’ll eventually be able to customise their experience in some detail, but we also need something that looks good for everyone. I’m going to talk a bit about our plans for StoryNexus themes in the next week or two, but I’m still working out the details. [/color]

Ah, I’ve come across a more specific request, while working on cards last night. A mushroom would be basically the best thing ever. Please and thank you!

A couple of icons have suggested themselves in my writing:

  • Letter (or open envelope?)
  • Quill and ink-pot

Ah thank you and I found the teaser banner for Machine Cares shortly after that post so I am definitely excited for that one! I understand the thematic unity for sure, especially for something just starting out but I have always been one to like marching to the beat of my own drum as well as a paitient fellow so I don’t mind waiting. Though if it is ok with you, I would throughly enjoy the possibility of using some of your anime characters later on.

Odd art buglet: the dragon image displays fine on Storylet cards and on the Quality bar but shows a broken link when it changes as a branch result.

More requests! (Unfortunately since my game isn’t in a modern setting, a significant portion of the icons aren’t useful. I endure.)

Paintbrush (could cope with quill from Lily’s request too)
Lily’s ‘running person’ from below
A booth (like at a fair)
A pie

I think we’re going to need a pretty big library of icons in the end, and I imagine this will grow fairly naturally over time. For now, here’s a few I’d like to have for the world I started making today:
A bat (other animals too; bats are just central to what I’m doing)
A rocking chair
A pint glass, flagon, or some other drinking vessel less refined than a port bottle
An ear, a nose, lips
Scary/evil eyes in close-up
A pub sign
A few variations on letters, papers and scrolls
A person gesticulating as if denouncing/praising things (this could fill all sorts of roles)
A person whispering to someone else
A crowd (even if it’s only two or three heads for clarity reasons)
A generic “spark” effect that could pass as a shooting star, something shiny on the ground etc. This sort of thing in general would be very handy.
A variety of musical instruments
An old-school purse and string

You’re definitely doing the right thing by going for generic, symbolic imagery, because it’s so widely applicable. I’m having to stop myself using the “cobbles” image in half my stories, for example!

I think Echo Bazaar would serve as a fantastic source of inspiration for these. Obviously you don’t want to use the artwork from that game, but the basic ideas behind the generic sets are wonderful. I’d love to have access to images along the same lines as those used for Rumour, Mystery and Influence items in that game.

I’d like to know how we can change the game layout to that of Fallen London. I envision my game to have multiple areas with expanding options as abilities grow like we see in FL. No offense intended, but the CN layout is rather lame and gives absolutely no sense of the breadth of the game world or the potential for new opportunities and discoveries.

[color=#009900]Tim: please read the Look and Feel section of the Creators’ Pack. Also, if you want to avoid being offensive, don’t use the word ‘lame’. It’s not feedback we can respond to meaningfully.[/color]

[quote=]Later, you’ll be able to customise the look and feel of the UI; upload your own art; and choose
alternatives to the card metaphor.[/quote]

So the quick and dirty answer is we can’t yet…

Any suggestions on how to best design and prep for a FL type layout with the toolset as it is currently available? I understand that the Opportunities deck would equate to “Sometimes” cards while the location events equate to “Pinned” cards, but I’m a bit shaky on grouping pinned storylets in an area format. Would I need to setup a hidden “location” quality as a qualifier for access to the pinned story as well as the stat quality requirement and/or other requirements I decide?

Also, have you any rough ideas on the level of granularity that the UI customization will have?

You can’t have hidden qualities and there is already location as a concept. Each card is assigned to an Area and Setting (or ‘any’). Players have a default location that can be altered by a card action. You create Areas and Settings when you define your world basics. Fallen London’s ‘Travel’ is mechanically just a card that moves you around.