storylets redesign

I do agree with Lady Red that it’s a bit more difficult to tell which of a series of Storylets is still locked. You can tell only because some of the icons will be grayed out, but that’s a subtle color difference and easy to miss (and you still have to mouse over the icons to get the details as to why the Storylet is still locked).

It seems the tint isn’t just subtle, it’s actually not there at all under Firefox 9.0.1. The bug report has been sent.

If someone were to write a script which would allow one to see the pre-reqs of a storylet in plain text within the storylet envelope, would it be permissable to post that script here on the forum and on the official feedback site?

This way folks who want to be able to see the pre-reqs in plain text can and those who do not may continue to use the current interface.

@cathyr, @ladyred and others: We’re changing the text on the button to LOCKED in the next patch (which is better for screen-readers too, of course).

@nigel: sure, as long as (i) it doesn’t do any kind of automation (ii) the creator is credited so they not we get support requests (iii) everyone using it knows it may break at any point (we will probably be using that freed-up space).

About storylet ordering and clutter. Some of this has gradually accreted over the last couple of years, and under some circumstances some players will get more of a screenful than we realise! Do please post specifics about this at (‘I’m Dangerous 80, halfway through the Violaceous Knapper storyline in the Rendering Yards, and OMG I have 40 storylets, here’s a screenshot’) and we may sometimes be able to rationalise it… especially with some other upcoming changes.
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From Echo Bazaar Player @Kaaynia:

"Those who are not happy with the change might consider looking at this:

It is a user script to make storylet prerequisites appear in plain text so that you don’t have to mouse over the icons to see them. That was my main complaint about the new interface, so using the script is a great change for me. It does not, however, change the “modern” looking theme."

I use the script and absolutely love it. If you would like to see the pre-reqs in plain text on the storylet, this script is for you!
I do not know how it works on mobile devices, so if you have one please let me know if it works better for you.

(This script is user generated content and @Kaaynia is the sole creator of it. Failbetter Games is not responsible for, nor does it provide support for, this script. The script may interfere with future updates.)
edited by Nigel Overstreet on 1/25/2012
edited by Nigel Overstreet on 1/25/2012

Yay! Thanks for the script!

Looks like they just changed it again. I like this layout much better, though swapping the white for a nice blanched almond would improve the look and feel without sacrificing readability.

EDIT: Sorry, the white I was seeing was a result of viewing the pages while the new formatting was still being uploaded. The grey is lovely. Great work!
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I have a complaint-it seems that now, many storylets are hidden if you don’t have the requirements for them-like the seeking the name one in hunting for curios for example. That’s not very nice? fnd it makes wiki-browsing a lot more mandatory than i would have liked >_>

Hi Dmitri - there’s something specific happening here that possibly shouldn’t be: could you email so we can investigate? Thanks!