Storylet Order?

Has anyone else noticed that on storylets with multiple branches (such as the Unfinished Business ones), the order of the branches appears to have been reversed?

I just send in a support email about it myself, yes. Though I’m a bit tired and said they were shuffled rather than reversed, so there may be value in you also sending in your own report.

Haven’t checked the Unfinished Business storylets lately, but I did draw the Slowcake’s Amanuensis card and the option to &quotthrow him out on his oily little ear&quot was pushed to the top… I’m very glad I noticed that before blindly clicking the first option.

the bohemian/church conflict card also had the option to side with the bohemians pushed on top for me, hope this isn’t anything too hard to fix.

Yeah, whole thing’s turned upside-down for me too.

[color=#C2B280]This looks like an unintended consequence of the latest patch. Things should be back to normal soonish – thanks for the report, Sara![/color]

Well, this didn’t take long, thanks!
But you made me curious! What’s the latest patch about?

Any chance those improvements will make the iOS app as fast as opening the website itself? The app is still horrifically slow and has a tendency to revert my Plans to the last time I bothered using that client, so I just use Safari.

Cards are still upside down.

I’ve misclicked a few times due to this already. Here’s hoping no one’s gotten burned by anything too big.

Yeah, I came to the forum to see if this was being talked about, after going on autopilot and doing a bunch of things I didn’t mean to. Will need to read more carefully for the rest of the day. Fortunately, didn’t throw out the Amanuensis or anything yet.

I’m really mad. I accidentally spent my only Bejeweled Lens on Dinner in your Room. I didn’t want the Making Waves and it was just before my reset time.

Note thats the Bazaar lodging card also has it’s making waves option on top, so a big warning there.

Yep, the options for selling souls to the Brass Embassy got moved around a little too. Whoops!

I just up-converted a series of 50 instead of 500 Clues to Appalling Secrets. That’ll teach me to go blindly Seeking!

I’m more amused than burned, considering the theme of my folly.

[color=#C2B280]We’ve looked into this; storylets with a certain combination of features are still affected by yesterday’s bug. These ones should also be back to normal soonish – sorry for the inconvenience.[/color]

[color=#C2B280]The Lofty Tower and other affected storylets should now be back to normal. If you’re still seeing something odd, please try clearing your browser cache, and drop an email to if they remain stubbornly out of the expected order.[/color]

The option to “Get rid of it” is at the top of the Card “Sleep is becoming a problem” is a perilous one. Almost did it to my level 20 plant, if it wasn’t for the pretty green art. Phew! I’ll refresh my browser cache now… if it’s still like that i’ll report.

The Curt Relicker card is out of order for me today. Starts with Blackmail Material (120), then Diary of the Dead (160), then Proscribed material (5).