Storylet favors grinding

Trying to compile all the methods of grinding favors that are non-card dependent. I may mention how certain options could be used even better, but the focus is on turning action points into favors with no cards involved. I have, however, made an exception for anything that could offer three favors or more in one go- which sounds like an awfully convenient excuse to put in the secrets and spending grind, because it is. I am prone to digressions, please point out any that reduce the quality of this report, and tell me if i missed any grinds.

Secrets and spending:
Once the conversion is complete, the secrets and spending carosel will be the only way to grind favors effectively without as much card dependence for many factions. using closest to: great game or bohemians, you can, for 44 actions and two properly timed draws of secrets and spending- which is abundant frequency, so it’s not like it’s rare- get one favor of each of the following types: bohemians, great game, urchins and docks. It also has the side benefit of 12 echoes in intriguing snippets.

Of course, this isn’t that effective, but it’s a way to speed up gathering renown, and is 1/11th of a favor per action, with a nice, if mediocre, side payout of 27 pence per action. (you can also use it to speed up one of the other bundles- while you cannot get the entire carousel without cards for them, you can get the marks of credit in advance with GG or bohemians, then swap to an appropriate closest to: [benthic, summerset, society, the church and constables] or [hell, revolutionaries, tomb colonists, and criminals]. If they add the newly converted factions, like rubbery men to secrets and spending, this grind will be even better. Still slow, though.)

It requires possession of your soul, though, so some players will be unable to do it without cards- including, at the moment, me.

Slowcake’s amanumenis:
Given that this already gives 1 favors: docks, it seems likely that all connection sources will supply favors instead, and all drops will take favors. The loop is simple: reach notability three, prepare for notability four to force-draw the card if you don’t draw it naturally, &quotthrow him out on his oily little ear&quot, buy a new &quotentry in slowcake’s exceptionals&quot for 30 echoes. This will take all entries in slowcake’s, 2 points notability, one hell favor (<50 cp right now), one society favor (<50 cp right now), and some CP masters, if you have those, and give, in return,1 favors for docks, revolutionaries (<50 cp right now) and bohemians (<50 cp right now). It also gives ? cp scandal now.

At first glance this sounds horribly inefficient- 30 echoes per favor batch and costing favors from one faction for the ones for the other. But- there’s a trick- if you’ve already sold your entry for 27.5 echoes, you can still force draw it and kick him out, and now each loop is only costing you 2.5 echoes, the lost favors, and actions.

If you didn’t have favors society and hell, and already cashed in all your favors: masters, this would be quite effective. With proper BDR gear and natural sources of MW- like going to parties from a polite invitation- this could be, if not profitable, at least one of the cheapest ways to grind favors: docks, bohemians or revolutionaries.

Someone who’s spent fate in the right places could do this loop for 6 actions without needing any MW, making it practical enough i should probably not be posting it here. On the other hand, it isn’t really what you’d call cheap, so they might keep the nerf hammer away from it.

Docks airs grinding:
Shuffle Airs until you have Airs 96+ (about 25 actions, on average). Then spend three actions to follow a chandleress to her workshop and confide in her. it grants one docks favor, and shuffles airs. Generally, you’ll need to head back to london then, though one time in 25 you’ll reroll the same airs value and be able to get another favor.

This is a bit action-expensive if this is the only thing you’re shuffling airs for- 28 actions per Favor: Docks, but if you shuffle airs for other reasons it’s worth noting.

Mutton Island carousel:
One ending for the carousel- rescuing the shipwrecked zailors- rewards you with a single docks favor. This isn’t very fast- once every 19 actions, if you don’t fail any checks- and it requires leaving London, but it is certainly an option, and a better one if you want to build up &quotstormy eyed&quot at the same time. It’d be amazing if it were for a faction who didn’t have the better option of Airs-grinding. It’s less random, at least.

Deliberate Scandal Boosting:
Every trip to the Tomb-colonies gives a Favor:tomb-colonies on it’s own. In addition, this is one of the better places to get the tomb-colonies favors- though any other favors are still card dependent, you’re looking for two cards in a deck of 22 rather than one card in a deck of [substantially more than 22].

You can boost scandal at +6 cp per action by getting scandal dupe social actions from freinds or other forum users, and with scandal 6 can skip to scandal 8 with menace boosting gear. Probably not worth it without getting some benefit from card draw- as it will be, if you actively do this loop, 4 actions to get there[0] and then 12 actions to get home if you’re willing to burn echoes or connections, and 16 if you’re not. in short, it would be- currently, who knows how it’ll change when we swap to favors- a 16 action loop per favor at the price of 70 cp of either church or duchess or society[1], or at the price of 1400 candle stubs, or 350 primeval shreiks.

you can speed things up a little faster with proscribed material at 4 cp per 50 books, which will shave a single action off your time-to-return here, and cost 300 books- or 150, and then swap to an action that to reduces scandal by three points instead of four. [making it 15 actions per loop][2]

(there are probably cards that will help, but i don’t know what they are. Most only reduce scandal by one or two points.)

Alternatively, with a counterfeit head of john the baptist and hedonist 12, you can get sent straight to the tomb colonies, but it’ll give you 36 CP scandal, which will mean you’ll need to spend 17 actions to get home if you’re willing to burn echoes or connections [14 with proscribed materials], and even more if you’re not. If you’re planning on sticking around to draw the cards, it might be better this way, but it’s debatable, and getting/maintaining hedonist 12 is a real hassle anyways.

[If you want tomb-colonies favors, it’s better to accept that you’ll need to rely on cards in the tomb-colonies. if you do, you can get one favor every 11 card draws, on average, assuming you’re not using your hand. assuming you had the good fortune to avoid the artist and his model, you’ll get one every 10 card draws, and if you use your hand properly, increase your favor rate by another two. If you don’t plan on staying long- or even if you do- you might want to have 3/5 cards in deck- IIRC, it doubles the cards in deck, though not above your cap, when you head from london to tomb-colonies, meaning you get to flip 6/10 cards for favors right off the bat, which gives you an average of one favor every two/one trips/trip that way. You also should do the same thing when heading home, if possible.]

[0] optimally, 3 dupes and a 2 scandal action, such as &quota decadent occasion&quot or &quotacquire an invitation to a scandalous party&quot, or just by drinking four bottles absinthe for 20 cp, with a starting cp from scandal cling, will be what you acquire to get here. More will make the return trip slower. All future calculations assume you managed to arrive with 21 cp scandal. if this is impossible, for whatever reason, change plans accordingly. The fastest way to arrive, if you can’t manage 21 exactly from 0, is to take four dupes for 24 points scandal.[2]

[1] Society reduces scandal by four points rather than three, but has a 1-in-10 chance of giving 10 cp scandal instead- which averages out to only 2.6 cp reduction- but it’s so much easier to grind than church or duchess it’s worth considering using anyways. the optimal combo if you want to use society is probably use 3 instances of it, and 3 of something else, unless it gives you a backlash, in which case you’ll want to keep doing society until you land on the lowest multiple of three you can reach by reducing by four repeatedly.

[2] In which case, proscribed materials can shave off another action, meaning it can be 15 actions and 300 proscribed materials per loop.
[3] note: I am assuming you have neither high hedonist nor high austere. High hedonist means you get back with some scandal pre acquired, which is nice for repeated trips.

Fast Friends with Criminals at Excessive Expense:[/b]
Buy a few skyglass knives. Drive suspicion high enough to go to new-newgate. Give them to the fence- each one gives a criminals favor, IIRC. Wiki-confirmed to work. still, 12.8 echoes per favor is not a great deal- though it’s good enough that if you wind up in newgate with a knife, between that and the suspicion reduction, (-12 cp. faster than any other option), it’s not exactly a terrible deal, if you’re there anyways. more-so if you didn’t buy the knife for that purpose.

Shuttered Palace: A Patriotic adventure:
Write a novel, and make it about a grand patriotic adventure. Regrettably, it seems this offers only one docks favor for 32 levels of inspired. Sure, Inspired increases rapidly, and sure, it gives 60 echoes in moon pearls, but for grinding favors, there are better routes. However, other favors are quite likely to be added for bohemians, church, revolutionaries and society post conversion, as the rule of thumb seems to be &quotIf it gives >30 cp and wouldn’t be ludicrously lucrative/grindable, give a favor.

The fastest route is 27 actions per cycle, but that either both challenges and reduces austere, as well as a pittance in jade- making it non-sustainable- or costs fifty pence in prisoner’s honey per action. Either way, while these are fast, they’re not profitable long-term solutions. the sustainable one is 1.72(repeating) echoes per action. the slower route is 36 actions per cycle, but can cost nothing- actually less profitable, assuming you already had the prisoner’s honey.

The optimal route actually mixes the two- two actions of one of the slower routes that provide 15 cp at no cost and 25 of the fast route. this saves you… one echo per loop. Probably wasn’t worth the time it took me to calculate that. Still, if you do that, the epa increases to 1.75(92) epa

A wedding of urchins/docksmen/rubberies:
Every when you get married, you can choose your guests at the wedding. If you choose to spend 5 points organizing a wedding to visit docksmen/urchins/rubberies, you get one matching favor. You can use items in your inventory and shop while your wedding is going on- though you can’t draw cards or leave until you’re done- which lets you cash in these favors.

This is a lot of work for someone who isn’t doing it incidentally to actually marrying a character, but if you set up one of the simpler weddings, you can still get an absurd number of favors. (the fanciest wedding worth doing is the 1000 organizing, which will reward you and your spouse-to-be with 500 points organizing a wedding, enough to get 100 favors of your choice. Three weddings would be enough to hit renown 40, in other words. )

I can’t speak for how effective of a grind this is, but you have to admit that the payoff is dramatic.

Fate Locked Flute Street Carousel:
A 24 action loop of ~0.71 epa, which also gives one favor per rep. Not in london, though- it’s in flute street, like the name. once unlocked, it takes 10 actions to head down and five to head back, which increases the cost if you don’t have an excuse to head there already.

Fate Locked Finishing School Carousel:

A twelve-action loop with a 50% chance of a favor per rep, it also refreshes your opportunity deck. You need to select the Urchin for the final exam. [Credit to loredeluxe for pointing this out]

Fate locked Rubbery Pupil:
[Fate Locked, only one favor per loop, not a one-time payment but a per-loop payment, in short, too expensive to be worthwhile for this purpose. consider buying flute street instead, or buying instant favors if you must do this.]
Fate Locked: insta-favor:
[Fate locked. for 5 fate and one action, get one favor certainly, and a luck check. I have no idea what the luck check does, or the rewards other than the promised favor. if someone knows, can they PM me?]

Notability grind to force draw a faction’s card:[/b]
Self explanatory and Very, Very expensive. it makes every other option on this list look cheap in comparison! … Well, actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds for a very small group of people. With near-cap BDR- say, 27- it’s actually viable. A slow grind that is less efficient if you want all types of favors, though more focused, than the secrets and spending carousel.

Even with capped BDR, [BDR 30, i believe] it would be a minimum of 14 actions per loop, and require getting MW 6, 10, 14 and 18-- at least, Assuming we actually want it to be self-sustaining and don’t do the sane thing and beg someone for lots of first-points in notability. (12 actions, minus however many we spend paying them for their services and wherever you’re getting the waves from.)

Not counted:
Turning in a &quotSoothe and copper longbox&quot will give you three favors docks, but as there are no reliable sources until christmas, and quite likely will cost favors: urchins then for the snow to buy one, it doesn’t count.

Did I miss anything? Do any of these sound useful or viable?

Are there any other options or methods I missed?

A footnote:
[Corrected with new info]: 5->8 renown = 21 favors (optimally- could be more. Turn in consistently in batches of 3 or 7. +1 cp a favor)
8->15 renown = 35 favors (optimally- could be more. Turn in consistently in batches of 5 or 7. +2 cp a favor)
15 -> 25 = ~56 favors (+4 cp a favor, must be turned in in batches of 7, there are extra favors in there.)
15-> 40 = 175 favors (+4 cp a favor, must be turned in in batches of 7, there are no extra favors in there. 25 batches.)
15-> 50 = ~294 favors (there are extra favors.)

with the updated estimates that you gain 28, not 21, cp renown per 7 favors from 15 onwards, it takes a &quotmere&quot 294 favors to get from 15 to 50, meaning, not counting stat points, it takes 357 favors to hit the cap with no wasted favors. it only takes 175 favors to hit 40 from 15, meaning you can actually lock yourself out of the storylet pretty quickly, considering. In fact, it makes getting the 25 renown faction gear cost around 119 favors (17 batches of 7 favors), and the trip from that to renown 40 is actually cheaper than the trip from 5 to 25.

This makes the optimal amanuensis loop (one of the best options) take a &quotmere&quot 2142 actions- with 51 actions to spend the favors. it doesn’t sound much different but it definitely is: this is a difference of 500 actions from its previous calculation, and puts it in the range of plausible-if-difficult grind. On the same note, this makes the newgate grind require nearly 3000 echoes to hit 40, if you’re turning in seven skyglass knives a trip and getting all favors that way, you’d also get 33 different trips on your record.

While relying on cards doesn’t feel easy, it’s probably the cheapest, if not fastest, route, and if you get one favor per faction a day for a year, you’ll be able to hit cap in renown for every faction. [well, except for the current impossibility of acquiring the required stats. other than that, though…] On that note, you should try to maximize the cards that give favors with the relevant faction when possible. (That said, once I’ve achieved my goal of 77 vials of [bazaar’s sorrow], i will try to approach the cap in all renowns, and as it is I’m trying to pre-grind the less card reliant up to 321, while it’s- at least somewhat quicker, if not quick.)
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It costs 5 Fate per round, but Rubbery Pupil pays out 1 Rubbery Favor at the end of the carousel.

Scandal 8 grants a TC favour upon dispatch to the Tomb Colonies. I suspect that using Attend and speak of…terrible things" and the appropriate attire it wouldn’t be too difficult to increase Scandal to 6.

While the idea is good, the example you used will drive you mad multiple times before you have enough scandal to go once- (4 points nightmares, 1 point scandal.). Requesting scandal dupes in the forums is more efficient, as it costs them 6 points scandal, gives you six points scandal, and therefore benefits both more- in this case- than normal scandal-reduction.

If you don’t have people to dupe you, drinking black wings absinthe alone gives 5 cp dangerous and shadowy, and 5 points scandal, at the cost of one point wounds. of course, you need to be getting them from somewhere, and most sources are a bad deal, but if you’ve been getting greyfeilds for whatever reason, it’s a use for your absinthe.

I only know of a way to get +2 scandal (stocking and the modish bonnet iirc). Are there others?

If your Hedonist quirk is high enough (12+), a Counterfeit Head of John the Baptist can take you directly to the Tomb-Colonies. You still get a favour from the Tomb-Colonists.

Updated with an examination as in-depth as i’m willing to analyze tomb-colonies trips, including my opinion of the best method and preferable alternatives. The fastest trip can in fact be done on a single candle, it turns out- if only barely.

Also added a storylet that I saw during my time in prison, [I’m mostly certain, at least], that gives favors. Also added a self-explanatory one- force-drawing a faction card.
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That’s it, I think. You can of course get a free initial point from (with Scandal 0) equipping one then removing it.

Does anyone have the information regarding flute street? I plan on making a trip their to raise my status among my rubbery friends, but I want to make sure it is worth the time I am going to put into it first.

You can get various things like Whispered Hints and Cryptic Clues in large amounts during the carousel and at the end you can get a Favour.

Thanks for putting this together.

A scandal gaining option which is better than what I suggested is the +4 scandal option “Take to the stage, a strange hunger in your belly”, again requiring Unaccontably Peckish and quite a bit of ‘Tales of Mahogany Hall’.

[Both of these, you see, I used last Hallowmas and I got mixed up which I used for which confession type]

[quote=Parelle]A scandal gaining option which is better than what I suggested is the +4 scandal option &quotTake to the stage, a strange hunger in your belly&quot, again requiring Unaccontably Peckish and quite a bit of ‘Tales of Mahogany Hall’.

[Both of these, you see, I used last Hallowmas and I got mixed up which I used for which confession type][/quote]
Three reps of that, Combined with two dupes and a scandal cling can land you right in the sweet spot of exactly 21 scandal- thanks for mentioning it. Not actually much better than four dupes, though- it just moves the one action to while you’re here in london.

I’ll look it up and add the details to the guide.

Well, I do have selfish motives- I want this info more than anyone else, I think. Thanks to everyone else who helped me out with it!

Edit: Added the patriotic work to sources of favors: docks.
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There’s another criminal Favour option in New Newgate, but it’s card based (though obviously a smaller deck). Bilge Duty grants a Favour but at the cost of 10cp drop to all stats but watchful.

I am aware of that one, but it’s most likely a regression. in london, we have a minimum of one card in your deck that gives favors- the criminal connection card.

Most who’re far enough to consider traveling to prison for favors are similarly progressed to me, if not ahead of me.

Anyone who has not lost the repentant forger’s acquaintance will be able to gain one criminal favor per visit on &quotA visit&quot and it has good epa, too.

If you have a criminal gang, that’s a third source of favors.

If you had the luck to favor the cheery man, that’s another half-card.

if you hit renown 20, you get dirigible theft-

that’s 4.5 cards for a dedicated and/or lucky player.

if you have an annoyance to jack of smiles, one of the lodgings has an action with a roughly 50-50 chance of getting a favor, making it 5 standard cards that give a whole criminal favor, or the equivalent in non-standard situations. So the average player almost certainly has at least two of those in their deck, and anyone who’d seriously consider a trip there has three or more.

That’s not all, though. someone who really wants to optimize their deck for favors criminals can add two cards that &quotbuy&quot favors for one echo in items. on one card romantic notions, and on the other intriguing snippets. The alluring accomplice and the ruthless henchman each add the aforementioned cards. Together, they add a conflict card at half frequency, but you can have either alone without the nuisance, the ruthless henchman adds a 80% frequency card and the alluring accomplice adds a 50% frequency card.

This makes the optimal deck have 6.3 criminal favor cards or the equivalent.

Finally, staying spite adds the standard card &quotA riot in spite&quot (supposedly- i haven’t seen it in some time.) which has a (likely 50-50, so that’s what i’ll assume) chance of giving a criminal favor. (it may also give docks favors- the wiki has not been updated since the renown shift for docks.) factoring that in, there’s up to 6.8 criminal favors cards in a lucky deliberate renown-seeker’s deck, and 6.3 in an unlucky renown seeker’s deck.

in short, staying in london is almost certainly more effective. plus, i wanted to record ones that weren’t properly card-based, where with time you could earn favors reliably no matter how the RNG abhorred you.
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Here’s a bloody obvious one, though very obviously Fate locked: with a group’s Reknown item you can gain a Favour for 5 Fate. (Mostly for completeness sake)

Great work, Grenem!
Regarding Rubbery, does anyone know if A matter of business has a chance of getting a favour? Playing this card, but nothing besides the ambers.

[quote=Skinnyman]Great work, Grenem!
Regarding Rubbery, does anyone know if A matter of business has a chance of getting a favour? Playing this card, but nothing besides the ambers.[/quote]
To answer your question:
I have no way of knowing, (as my persusive has passed the required range) but i would guess the answer is no. If you took the option, had a favor, and got no mention of said favor-count, then the answer is almost certainly no, as there was no rare success on the original card.

EDITED for brevity.
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It took a bit, but I’ve got some storylets for grinding Scandal (for the Tomb Colonies):
In Mahogany Hall, you can teach classes. If you pick a Louche Devil, you can aim to fail some of the “Take them out” for a scandal increase which are unlocked as you progress. As this is controlled by the Pygmalion quality, it’s open to stat capped players - never mind a failure decreases Pygmalion too! And hey, if you succeed, you’ll gain some Nevercoldbrass for your trouble. This trick doesn’t work for Lyme, sadly enough (too bad, I prefer being paid in Glim).

Doubt Street Scullery: 2cp
Tea shop: 2CP
Society dinner: “Concentrate on the etiquette”: 3CP


Given the new renown items, i think this thread could use a revisit and an introduction to those who hadn’t looked into it before.

I’m still fairly happy with the Scandal grind mentioned above - also keep a hold of City Vices: a decadent evening for a scandal and making waves boost.