Story Issues: Family and Law & St. Dunstan's

Despite being a PoSI I’ve yet to complete The Last Constable’s story as well as St. Dunstan’s. I put off St. Dunstan’s story for a while until the option disappeared and I somehow acquired Investigating the Secrets of St Dunstan’s 7 despite never completing a single action for the storylet. As for the Last Constable’s tale I have Family and Law 1 and The Cheery Man and the Last Constable Favouring the Constable but have yet to receive A Rendezvous with the Last Constable to continue the storylet with the Chasing the Fence option on the Working with the Last Constable card. I have no clue as to what has caused the issue and would like to know if it is due to a glitch or something of my own doing. Any guidance, solution, explanation, or advice on either subject would be greatly appreciated.

It might be worth sending an email to Support about Family and Law. I remember a while back there was a bug that caused the Living Story to not trigger. Maybe you got caught up in said bug? Here’s the email:

Thanks for the advice, Sara. This issue has been occurring for the majority of my time playing Fallen London and I’d like to get the issue finally solved. I’ve sent them an email explaining my situation involving the two qualities. Hopefully they’ll be able to figure out what has happened and amend the issue if at all possible.