Stone Tentacle-Key

Where can I get it? I have to get it in order to advance in the Heart’s Desire story. Well, I can also sell my dreams. But I worked too hard to get all of them to just give them now.

Thanks in advance.
edited by Voodoo Master on 4/26/2012

You can (quite easily) get one at Hunter’s Keep. This will, however, require you to own a ship, which in turn requires you to be A Person of Some Importance. If you aren’t in a position to visit Hunter’s Keep, it makes sense to hold off on continuing your Ambition until you have a ship of your own, as you’ll want to get one anyway, and it beats selling your dreams.

I am not able to go there yet, but I’m working on getting the A Person of Some Importance title right now, so soon I will be.
Thank you very much.
edited by Voodoo Master on 4/26/2012