Stick With What You Know

Did anyone who bought a Fate storylet last year find that the &quotStick with what you know&quot option is no longer available on Day: 4?
I sent in a bug report, but I suspect this is intentional and, with limited support during the holiday, I wanted to see if it was possibly on my end.

Judging from the wiki, I think that should only be available if you bought an option with Fate last year but didn’t complete it. Is that the case for you?

It is not. Though I do see it available for character who did not spend Fate last year.
But that would explain a great deal.

I didn’t buy Fate last year but I did choose to work for myself. The “stick with what you know” was available for me and when I hovered over the unlock requirements it included all the Fate-options

Ah, possibly because working on your own doesn’t have a payout, and so you don’t “finish” it and lose the quality?

I spent Fate last year on my main, and cashed it in, and don’t even see a “Stick with what you know” option on the card at all. My alt, who didn’t spend Fate, hasn’t drawn it yet. So I’m just speculating, but I think it holds together. :)

I definitely hadn’t lost the quality. I can’t show it now as I’ve since chosen to work with the Widow but i did check by putting “Investigating with” up on my mantle piece and it showed that it was at level 4

The game instructions for the option read: &quotIf you didn’t complete your investigation last year, you can replay it now without spending Fate.&quot

Unlocked when ‘Investigating the Twelve Days of Mr Sacks with’ is:

  • scholars at Benthic college[/li][li]February, of the Calendar Council[/li][li]the Knotted Sock[/li][li]your own self, and no other[/li][li]the Duchess[/li][li]the Gracious Widow[/li][li]a shambolic pubful of inebriated zailors

So it’s not limited to Fate usage specifically.