Stealing Cards: some ways to get more?

The opportunity deck is of great importance for certain people. Myself, I need a Veils Velvet, meaning I need many, many Certifiable Scraps to convert into them. These come exclusively from the cards, as best I can tell, so I need as many of them as I can.

Normally, you can only wait and draw them every ten minutes, but there’s a way to generate more cards in an instant: move to a new area. It’s a pretty well-known trick; when you move someplace like the Pickpocket’s Promenade or On a Heist, anywhere where the cards are the only way to proceed, your deck will multiply the number of remaining cards. Usually it seems to double on entry, and double or triple on exit back to the main areas. I’ve been using On a Heist to turn my one card into six - and, as of becoming recently Exceptional, two into ten - by using 15 actions to enter a Heist with an Escape Route, and immediately turn around and leave.

I’m wondering, is this a very well-known trick? If so, is there a better way to do this? Something that costs fewer actions, and with less accrued Suspicion? I can always experiment a bit, but I’m not feeling very scientific tonight. And I’m sure I’m not aware of all the various areas in the Neath.

Flesh Lay with items for Scandal +3. Heist is so bad, even waiting is better.

I’ve read that with enough equipment that increases Scandal you can get in and out of flash lays in just two Actions. One of the three items needed is the Bohemians 10 item. The others can be purchased at the Bazaar.

You’d be amazed what can be appealing to someone who doesn’t know everything in all the world.

I will try a Flash Lay. We’ll see how it goes.

Yes, the mushroom hat and the scarlet stockings. You enter the Flash Lay with 1 or 2 Scandal, put on the items, get kicked out, the cards are refreshed.
There is also Jenny’s Finishing school, if you want to spend Fate (the story is good, and the carousel is helpful).

The Sporing Bonnet is for Nightmares, for Scandal you want the Modish Bonnet.

Ah, sorry about that! I got my hats in a twist.
…I suck at puns.

To be fair, how do we know that the Modish Bonnet isn’t made from mushrooms?

I think, it made of silk and one feather.

Look. In order to avoid embarrassment, I can passionately argue that silk can be made from mushrooms in the Neath. Have you seen how delusional our spiders are, after all?