Stats vastly increased on some equipment?

Did this just happen? All of a sudden my Vakeskin boots give 8 dangerous instead of 4, my loathsome imp gives 5 persuasive and shadowy instead of 2…There’s probably more. A couple other items got minor boosts, but in particular the boost to vakeskin boots seemed rather high. Rebalancing?

Yep, equipment is being improved as a response to Broad Difficulty. I was going to make a topic detailing all the changes, but it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t quite done while I was typing the topic up. XD

It seems like most clothes and boots give around a doubled stat boost now, and profession items give +5 instead of +2. Might be that not everything’s been updated yet, but profession items are now a hell of a lot more useful than a lot of bazaar-bought stuff

the dandy’s outfit gives 10 persuasive, daaaaamn

additionally, a few items seem to have their descriptions tweaked and lengthened a bit
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Heavens, how exciting! My frock-coat is now “Night-Trimmed”, for extra dash.

ok yeah basically everything is getting upgraded and getting new descriptions by the looks, gloves have got a stat boost now as well
guess i have to buy spiderchitin gauntlets again, i just sold my last pair because they were equal to a diamond ring. now the ring only gives +3 dangerous and the gloves give +5
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Count me in that club too. Except I don’t think I ever bought them to begin with. I’m looking forward to reading all the new descriptions. ^^ I wonder if POSI items will also be improved, or if it’s just regular equipment for the time being.
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Any particular reason the Anarchist’s Sable is now strictly worse than the Neddy Suit? The Sable is now Dreaded +1, Shadowy +2. The Suit is Dreaded +1, Dangerous +1, Shadowy +3.

Since they’re mirror items from the same storylet, shouldn’t they be similar?

Lady’s lace gloves give an extra point of persuasive compared to the dancemaster’s dabs as well
i don’t think all the stats on things are properly tweaked yet, this is just a preliminary boost

Okay, so thus is live tweaking. I noticed none of the weapons got a boost, nor did the Feast items (really? I paid for a mask to get +4 Shadowy, and now the Disguise gives +5?)

Hopefully they balance out the items soon, I’m looking at them and wondering what will be what.

stuff is getting boosted one-at-a-time, it seems like hats are the next category to get upgraded. weapons (except for a few) haven’t gotten upgraded yet

the goat gives +20 watchful now, daaaaamn
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I think the weapons will be boosted too, they’re just not there yet.

Edit: I figured the goat would be +20 after this. I shall have to go back to my Overgoat grind soon in that case. ^^
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Yup, Sable was just fixed to match the suit. We’re watching a live update! Yay!

Apparently I have reached the peak of watchful where the boatman will not challenge me any more

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Haha! I’m sure the boatman will get another stage written up soon.

well i had +36 watchful and now it’s +32, i don’t know where those four points went but now i can challenge the boatman again

At the same time, some of the stat requirements are being upped too, at least for the Ambition missions.

In fact, I am currently in the Labyrinth outside the the Orphanage when it happened, and I can no longer up the progress the easier Shadowy way because I am suddenly Stat-blocked. Not that I earned it. My gear suddenly was giving me +23 Shadowy.


Did you adjust your equipment? I noticed that the points are a bit inaccurate when changes happen to equipment you’re wearing, but swapping fixes it.

yeah i unequipped and then reequipped my raven i guess that might have caused the stats system to realise the numbers were all wrong

Yes, the alert that my persuasive was 164 was pretty surprising. Looks like everything is being tweaked, and I do enjoy the new description for my coat. I’ve just never got the Dandy because black is dignified, as befits a man of my station. Although I do hope that the Feast companions and gifts get upgraded - there’s a reason I struggled so hard to keep my rosary - +3 persuasive and +3 dreaded is 'nought to scoff at!

The thought of Mr Veils wearing an Extraordinary Hat on his fist amuses me more than it probably should.