Stat Reducing Items

Apart from the Ridiculous Hat, Talkative Rattus Faber and Bottled Oblivion, have I any other options to reduce my stats?[li]

I seemed to have progressed a bit too fast and missed out some stories I wanted to go back to.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

That depends which stats in particular you want to lower, and which Ambition you’re pursuing. Many of the Bazaar’s cheaper items lower at least one stat, and early Ambition items tend to raise one and lower others by a good few points.

The worst possible penalties vary a little depending on the stat, but they’re all between 21 and 23. None of the Ambition items penalise you more heavily than the gear you can get at the Bazaar, and at present it seems that Mr Veils is the only Fallen London character with the ability to wear a hat on his fist.

Oh, that I could but do something with all of my Ridiculous Hats.

It’s specifically for the Strike at the Wolfstack Docks. The threshold is 74 dangerous and I’m currently at 101. The best negative modifier to dangerous I can muster is -22. Any ideas and advice is welcome.

As for the Ridiculous Hat - being able to wear it on any part of one’s body is befitting of the moniker.

That’s the best negative modifier you can get for that stat. You either have to accept that you’ve missed it or find a way to engineer a large permanent reduction to your stat.

(You could do this by Seeking the Name. But don’t do that.)

I’ve curled my fist into an angry ball of fingers. How about going to Newgate or the Tomb Colonies? Aren’t there stories that permanently reduce your stats in exchange for escape?

You need to lose at least five levels, or 250 change points. There are no ways to reduce Dangerous in the Tomb-Colonies. If there are any in New Newgate, I don’t remember them. In any case, you’d need to repeat them many, many times, while waiting on opportunity cards.

What’s your Ambition? If it’s Nemesis, visit the House of Mirrors. Bag a Legend! could work too, if you can find a good way to become more Melancholy. But it’s probably not practical, since you’ll fail the challenge often even with Melancholy 6, success makes you much less Melancholy, and failure actually makes you more Dangerous."Dangerous%20decrease"

Starvation Day - New Newgate
Interpreter of Dreams - w/Death by Water + Seeking 3

I think some of the Seeking cards, not sure though.
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Yeah, draw that card only 250 times. :p

(Sorry, nothing helpful to add. I tried to look through the prison cards on Fallen London’s wikia, gave up halfway.)

SMEN is probably your best bet if you need to lose a lot of stat easily! A couple things here and there reduce your dangerous by a rather large chunk.

Picking the &quotYour Course is Set&quot option at SMEN 1 gives a reduction of 10CP, or 20% of a level. Impaling yourself on blood-ivy on one of the progress cards at SMEN 3 reduces Dangerous by 30CP, or 60% of one level on success (and i think maybe by 10CP on failure). If you have access to the House of Chimes, the entry option unlocked with SMEN 5 there reduces dangerous by 5CP and is repeatable. Once you know the Number of Candles all stats including dangerous decrease by 500CP or 10 whole levels. Anything beyond that is probably unfeasible and venturing into territory where this post will mysteriously disappear.

so if you’re really seeking to reduce your stat, then Seeking is probably the way to go
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It would be nice to have Bazaar-purchasable items of all categories that reduce much further for exactly this reason.

I think that what we’re seeing instead is a move away from stat-capped storylets. Broad difficulty’s a part of that, along with the reliance on luck challenges in some recent content, like heists.
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