Stat increases from second chances

When you burn five second chances for a stat increase, does the increase get less the higher your stat is?

No it’s a random number of CP regardless of the level, so sometimes it’ll be a pretty small amount and other times a lot.

It’ll take more CPs to gain a level up until you’re at 70 in the stat though (at which point every level is 70 cp after that)

Oh, makes sense, thanks. Does that take into account bonus and deficits from items, or just base stat?

And is seventy CP less than it would take at lesser levels? Is there a guide?

It’s just the base stat.

CP requirements are equal to the number of the next level. So it’ll take 14 CP to get to level 14, 20 CP to get to level 20, and so on. The requirement to reach the next level increases until you hit level 70, where each subsequent level will only require 70 CP no matter whether you’re going up to 71 or 189.