Stat Grinding

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to grind my stats up to 200. My stats currently sit in the 157-174 range however I’m finding most of the storylets give very little stat increases. Right now I’m grinding watchful in Flute Street which has brought my watchful up to 174 however those increases have now slowed considerably. What places are best to grind stats at this stage? I haven’t gained access to the Iron Republic or the Foreign Office yet so I still have some stories to complete which might help things along. Thanks for the help!!

If you want, find some friends to send you social actions in bulk so you can get second chances and spend them to boost your stats.

Counting the Days / Iron Republic is pretty stats independent.

I don’t recommend getting kicked out from the Court and gaining access to the Foreign Office until they actually update the place - you will find that having actions that give you Making Waves very useful towards endgame, while Foreign Office is this place that eat your money everytime you visit and give bad reward compared to other endgame carousel.

Thanks Estelle, I’ll start using Social Action more then. Too late for me in regards to getting kicked out of the Court though XD I have found heists to be rather useful for increasing making waves though.

I like Seeking Curios in the Forgotten Quarter. There are options that will raise all your stats by varying amounts. Of course it will also raise your nightmares :)

What’s a little madness in exchange for greatness?

Recently I’ve been grinding Shadowy in Polythreme. If you can modify that stat to 180, you’ll get a 90% chance on &quotLurking in the Eves&quot for 2 CP per success and no menace on a failure. I’m using my excess actions for that while keeping my modified Persuasive at 200 for the Fascinating card (also training up a bit of that, but not as quickly). It’s not a fast way to grind it up, but it fits in well with my echo grind. It’s more profitable overall than casing and selling info to criminals and doesn’t come with the drawbacks of loitering a lot.