Stat Caps?

So I’ve been wondering this for a while. Normally they update their Twitter with new stat caps and the fate/nex page still says they cap at 130. I had just hit the new cap for everything at 150 (from the feast, wasn’t it?) when all of a sudden I could level again. So I assumed it was 160… until yesterday, when I hit 160 shadowy (haven’t been trying very hard). I can still level. Where is the end? And where should I go to continue leveling? I honestly forgot most anything that might aid me once I hit the original caps at like 140 and 130.[li]

The current caps are at 165 stat. And I’m not really sure where the best place to grind stat is any more, honestly, but I’ve managed to get 161/165/165/165 from living stories, connections cards, K&C and certain items (first sporing, absinthe, mandrake etc)

There really is no need to grind after you become a person of some importance. Performing straightforward Unfinished business jobs will steadily and reliably get you higher level whilst making you richer. You will need the money, and it only takes 50 points to level at any time, so you may as well streamline your point usage to coincide with both goals. Playing cards for amber or discussing primordial shrieks in Ladybones road will occasionally pop an Aelion Scream worth 2.50 Echoes, and do it often enough and these instances stack to make this a lucrative process. [i]

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If you have everything at 150 already, I wouldn’t worry about levelling. Very few challenges are anything other than straightforward at that point if you have good gear equipped, and they’ll increase naturally over time.

If you still feel like grinding stats, I’d guess Hunter’s Keep for Persuasive and Watchful and… for Dangerous, maybe the Velocipede Squad? The Jack case is also good for Dangerous and Watchful, but it sounds like you’ll have finished that.

Edit: in terms of Unfinished Business, the most profitable grind may well be Prisoner’s Honey. My Ambition guzzled the stuff, so I got a lot of rare successes. They give a Stolen Kiss in addition to the usual amount of Honey, whereas on the stuff you mentioned I think the Screams replace the usual payout.
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For shadowy, consider heists. They’re pretty decent ppa and a successful one gives you a nice shadowy boost without challenging it. But as they say, there’s no content requiring very high stats atm, so you won’t be penalized much for not training.