Stat boosting living stories are now retired?

One of my low-level alts got &quotA Name Scrawled in Blood&quot but no linked storylet to boost the stats. So I went to Wiki and discovered that it’s marked as retired, which I thought was strange as I had used it on my main only a few months ago. Looked in the history and saw this ( &quotAll the stat-boosting living stories are now retired according to email.&quot from only yesterday.

This is a bit surprising. I wonder why they did it and what it means. My character still has A Name Scrawled in Blood quality. I wonder if they intend to repurpose it for other reasons?

That is strange - I started an alt about 10 days ago and they used all four living stories and got the associated stat boost last Friday. Replayed the stories and got the message “A Living Story …”.

I’ll guess I’ll just have to wait and see if the stat boost works this week. But if they have gone it is a very recent change.

The Persuasive one (from telling a risque joke in the Singing Mandrake) seems to work still (just redeemed it and got the living story again for and alt), but the others seem to be deactivated. Maybe these raise qualities a little too fast?

Come to think of it, that same alt had all four living story qualities a few days ago, but all but the Persuasive one had vanished this morning, which further suggests they’re gone.

Is there usually official confirmation when material is retired?

I just tried to “Tell a risque joke” and the rare success no longer mentioned a living story. A pity, since those stories were great for new characters.

[color=#009900]Don’t worry, folks - they’ve been retired because we’re reworking the earlier content to make it a smoother ride, all the way up to POSI. You should see more about this in the next few weeks.[/color]