Starveling Cats primer request

  1. Is it possible to get rid of them at all other than passing them onto someone else?

  2. Is it possible to get more than one starveling cat from opening boxed cats (as opposed to from getting them from other people)?

  3. Does the Persuasion penalty stack if you have several?

  4. If you do keep (or can’t get rid of) a Starveling Cat, is it actually any use? Ok, you get a penalty but can you do anything else with it? I understand they used to be important to a retired storyline but… well, it’s been retired. So what use is it now?

  1. There’s one option during the Rats in your Lodgings storyline, but that’s the only one I can think of that’s open at the moment.

  2. Yes

  3. There is no Persuasive Penalty. It says it subtracts 3 Persuasive, but thankfully it doesn’t actually effect you.

  4. It unlocks a few options here and there, but nothing overly helpful. Generally it menaces you.

Indeed there’s no Persuasive penalty, since you can’t actually equip the Starveling Cat as a companion/pet.

I think that the -3 Persuasive remained from a time when it was equipable. I vaguely remember a comment from Alexis that even though the cat was no longer a pet/companion, it was amusing to keep the -3 Persuasive warning.

Though I could be wrong.

Ah, I see. I thought that the idea was that simply having it gives you the penalty, which is why opening boxes is meant to be a gamble. Midnight Matriarch or Starveling Cat?!

There are several options unlocked by having a Starveling Cat, but they’re all BAD. As in, they give nothing but trouble. Much the same as with Unaccountably Peckish and… certain other pursuits - yes, they enable you to see things you couldn’t otherwise see, but those are not things you would WANT to see, anyway!

Minor nitpick - during Hallowmas, they become things you may want to see, since the menaces are actually useful.