Starting the Fourth Tier of Watchful tracker

Hi everyone,
Now that I finally figured out which Tier I’m on thanks to the Wiki, how do I continue with this Raid? I completed the Aeris case with the Comptessa, figured from the Wiki, and since it unlocked in the game, that I was to go to the Forgotten Quarter. That’s the fifth tier.
Usually the game is good at explaining stuff with these new trackers, but right now the game is just leaving you at the beginning of a fourth tier with a locked case that isn’t available.
Thanks everyone.

I believe the tier you’re at is the one where you need go to Ladybones Road to take part in a raid on the Brass Embassy, siding with either Hell or the Constables. If you don’t see a storylet there relating to the raid, you may need to raise your connection with one or both of those factions.

THanks, got it. What is the best way to get pennies to get Echos? 30 Echoes for the Constables badge… ouch.

Selling your resources is generally the best way to go, though if you’re just wanting to raise your Constables connection I would probably just use the Carnival and other storylet options that raise Connected: Constables. Industrial Espionage will give you Rostygold, which isn’t a bad resource to sell at this point in the game.

Yes, you should only need a max of 5 in both connections to proceed, and you can get that much more easily by going to the Carnival, or working for the Constables, or playing Opportunity cards involving devils.

You may also need some Nevercold Brass Slivers, Souls, and Cryptic Clues to proceed, so don’t sell those either.