Starting Our Lady of Pyres

I’m catching up with a lot of Exceptional Stories that I started but never finished, and I’m trying to figure out where exactly I’m supposed to go to start Our Lady of Pyres after talking with the Severe Bluejacket from the Season of Wrecks, or whereabouts the Exceptional Story continues. I just want to get rid of the Severe Bluejacket’s face from my list of stories at this point…

I tend to do the same thing, and if I remember rightly, they were still working out the detail of having a hub from which to start/trigger the stories, and it didn’t work perfectly for Lady of Pyres. It should, I believe, start at Breakwater House. The text runs:

[spoiler]After a life at zee, there is much the Severe Bluejacket has come to regret. Everyone may visit him in Breakwater House, where Exceptional Friends will also find the opportunity to begin this month’s Exceptional Story.

Seek the wreck of the Ship of Pyres
“Just beyond Mutton Island, there’s another wreck. My mistress resides there. There’s something I need to give her, but her disciples are bothersome fools…”
This will begin October’s Exceptional Story: Our Lady of Pyres.[/spoiler]

If you already got the quest from the Bluejacket, there should be a storylet called “Go In Search of the Severe Bluejacket’s Mistress” in your lodgings. This is where you start the journey.

In my case, the extra options in Breakwater House had disappeared, and I did need to write to support.

I think I might need to do that, as I can find no storylet for it at the Breakwater House or in my Lodgings. Thank you!