Starting a second character

I’ve been thinking about setting up a second character to explore storylines that my main adventuress-with-a-heart-of-gold (well, silver, anyway) character would shy away from - cozying up to devils, seeking the Name, etc. Not to mention getting a look at the low-level content that’s been added since I started playing. This is an extremely dumb question, but how does one go about doing this? Does one need to set up an entirely new account, or is there a way to have multiple Fallen London characters on one Storynexus account?

There is no distinction in SN between account and character. You will need to create a second account.

This will normally just involve setting up a new email, like I did. I would suggest gmail, it’s more friendly in my opinion. Having numerous characters is very useful. While it may seem anti-social to rely on yourself for Dinners and Evenings Spent Loitering, it allows you to interact with other players without having to bother them about such things. They themselves are often too busy to help you accumulate Confident Smiles and etc. In addition, new mechanics being introduced along the profession system means that there are times when you want to interview a Vake Hunter (like my Owen Wulf) or request a noted Author attend your salon (for example, My Lanzo Hoffman).

edited by Owen Wulf on 10/10/2013