Starstone Demark

I just sold the location of the Cave of Nadir to the Urchins, and it gave me a Starstone Demark. I checked how much it sells for, and it sells for 312.50 echoes. I was wondering if I should sell this, or if there are any other uses.

No known uses at the moment, but a demark is really hard to get and 312.5 echoes aren’t, so I’d definitely hold on to it.

One of the recent three-monthly add-ons for the EF stories gave one. To people who were really stubborn.

It’s valuable but not unique; possible to get one by trading scraps to one of the relickers. So if you sell it, it’s not like you’ve locked yourself out of anything, it’s possible to get one back without spending fate if a use for it appears.

But yes, it’s pretty hard to get normally, and if you like collecting rare things in this game then you should keep it.