Stalled in the Labyrinth of Tigers - Third Coil

Dear and delicious friends: it seems that my way forward in the Labyrinth has been blocked. I need a making progress of 14, but am becalmed at 13. how do I earn that extra point of progress?

My friend, patience, an opportunity shall soon arrive, in the form of a very heavy holy letter on your doorstep, fear not the test for even those on poor terms with the church, shall succeed in opening up the 4th coil.

[color=#ffffff] Just wait for an opportunity card, you don’t have to be in any particular place, but the card’ll be a test that pass or fail will let you into the 4th coil.[/color]

You need[color=#ffffff] 105 dangerous for the card to appear[/color].


You can also have a chat with the clay coalman at your lodgings, if you’d rather not wait for the card