St Davy Jone's Candle [443 AJE — TRIP COMPLETE!]

I previously sailed north a decent distance, but surely Mr Eaten would be 77 leagues north of London. I do wish I had brought some navigational aid besides the For-My-Own-Good Compass. Should I keep going?

Many thanks to Charlotte de Witte for her assistance during preparations.

(No, of course I don’t see any such candle. But I feel reassured that I’m Nearly There this time.)
edited by TheThirdPolice on 5/16/2017

Quite the voyage! Do any new destinations or cards at all appear at such high levels?

And yes, you should keep going.

Clearly your destination appears at Approaching 777.

Oh… woah. Keep going!

This, I also heard you get to zail to the surface if you get to 7777 and then you can get your &quotadvancing the Liberation of Night&quot quality above 50.

Your support has rocketed my progress to 79 already, somehow. And no, there’s nothing new.

Incidentally, anyone with a Clipper or a Yacht should be able to zail forever. That sounded incredibly boring, and zubmarines are much cooler anyway, so there is an abrupt end in my future. It’s actually quite a neat little tactical minigame this way, moving up and down the Fury border to get rid of bad cards.

Rough calculations suggest I’ll &quotsink&quot after hitting 133, but a lot could change before then.
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This is fascinating!

Of course no new event at destination 77. It only unlocks at Troubled Waters 77.

I was going to say that’s impossible, and then I started to plan it. So now that might be my next voyage.

But it would mean giving up my zubmarine for a clipper, which is painful in aesthetics and gameplay.

I love that people are pursing these wild dreams. 77 approaching journe’s end, 77 irrigo, 50 nightmares, tons of fab diamonds, etc. The adventurous spirit of this community is truly admirable. I hope to see some of these wild easter egg hunts pay off one day, but even if they don’t the journey is exciting enough on its own. Props to you TheThirdPolice. This is the type of content I like to see when I visit the forums :-)


77 Irrigo?


[quote=Ben ]wait…

77 Irrigo?


What do you mean how? How did you not?!

Kidding. I was puzzled by this for a long time, until told there was a Fate locked repeatable option at Feast of the Rose, with Lilac.
Passionario (a player) payed a lot of fate to repeat this, and gain this awesome, ridiculous achievement.

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I seek to get 77 Marks Of Credit. It’s be nice if that Easter Egg Hunt paid off, but I’m not even sure what you would get for it. I might make a thread for it myself.

When I was going to Nightmares 50 (shoulda kept on till 77, bad me) I found it was also a very tactical game. Wound management in particular is problematic in the Mirror Marches, and eventually – if you are seeking to increase your Nightmares – you will find there are cards that you simply cannot play because of wounds. For me it happened somewhere around the 30’s.

Fascinating that zailing forever is also a mini-game within a game.


Much appreciation for the icons of Absimiliard’s Folly and NiteBrite’s Well, and encouragement for the other Seekers of alternative paths.

It would be cool if high qualities like this had little Easter eggs. Even if they were nothing useful, merely an acknowledgement at how far you’ve progressed. For example, imagine if Approaching Journey’s End 50 let you dock at a distant lightship where the captain asks what the hell you’re doing in the middle of bl–dy nowhere.

You’re all insane. As that is pretty much the point, carry on.

A pleasant symmetry of the perfect 100.0. & 10.0. Still no Easter Eggs at this last &quotreasonable&quot number of significance, so I’m guessing there are none here on out either. BUT STILL WE ZAIL ON.

I can not +1 that enough TheThirdPolice!