St. Beau's Lament

&quotThis is the crossroads. Bad things happen here.&quot

A personal painting, heavily influenced by some of the deeper things in Fallen London.
Thanks to the creators for their inspiration.


Wow. Just wow.

Holy heck! Well now I have a really cool new phone background

I like it.

Holy cow, the composition alone is amazing. Do you have a portfolio? I’d love to browse through your other works.

I could easily mistake this for Fallen London content! Beautiful!


I peed a little. This is museum-level quality. Delicious!

Adding my voice to the crowd of vocal admirers. This is fab!

I like it a lot, very good work ! The mouth obviously remind me of Munch’s The Scream. I especially like how the candle light illuminate the skin of the character.
My only regret is the compass, it is very… clean.

I second Amelia Syrus, do you have a portfolio ?

Wow, this is amazing. It’s got a wonderful sort of texture to it!

Thank you so much for the kind words, everyone!

I do! My portfolio can be found here:
I also do a comic for my day-to-day, which can be found here:

Thank you and I have to say out of all your work in your portfolio, your landscapes have my full attention. I can tell there’s a lot of detailing, thought, and care put into your landscape pieces.

The 6th picture (the blue/white one with pillars) is very nice, there is… a vibe.

The hollow-head blowing a flower is beautiful as well, the character is mysterious, creepy, but what he’s doing is almost poetic.

Your landscapes are quite nice -these ice mushrooms, wouw !), I agree with Amelia (again), but I especially like the two black and white works, they have a very special style.

Your portfolio is interesting, thanks for sharing :)

The Hollow Head one that Emain mentioned is definitely my favorite, follow closely by this one. Thank you so much for sharing, you’ve got incredible talent!

Thanks again for the kind words everyone! There may be more. So look forward to that. Perhaps.

This. Is. Wonderful.