Sporty Phaeton?

The description of a Collection of Curiosities reads:

[i]This is mainly used for creating advanced items – such as acquiring a Sporty Phaeton

[/i]So I collected them last year. And grabbed a couple this year. I have 8. This is probably enough for a Sporty Phaeton …

… if I had the faintest idea how to acquire a Sporty Phaeton. I really want a Sporty Phaeton. It’s a phaeton! And it’s sporty! Great Odin’s enlarged prostate, I want a Sporty Phaeton.

This isn’t one of those &quotif you have one of these, you can’t have one of those&quot things like having a Salt Weasel prevents you from seeing a Haunted-Looking Dog, is it? Where the bloody Nadir is the Sporty Phaeton?

I don’t think the Sporty Phaeton actually even exists yet. Some PoSI items have little teasers like that for items yet to be implemented (e.g. the portfolio of souls mentions courting the quiet deviless, for instance)

Yeah, the Phaeton was teased but has thus far not materialised. And the Quiet Deviless has appeared, but only as a pet, not as a Spouse, and not requiring any Portfolios. Personally, I’m with you - a Sporty Phaeton sounds grand, even if I wouldn’t swear by Odin’s glands for it… though, I have to admit, I’d curse at Bolon Dzacab’s dubious labia for Hubris to be able to marry the Deviless. They are, to paraphrase Tom Waits, just the right kind of wicked for each other.