[Spoilers] Rubbery Men and Outsider Taint

Those of you with a little background in the Cthulhu Mythos and Fate to burn will know what i’m talking about. the rest of you should pick up some H.P. Lovecraft and a $50 gift Visa at Wal-Mart before reading on. As the FBG staff are touchy about fate-locked content, i’ll be as oblique as possible.

My question is this: Are the Rubbery Men Outsiders or Terrestrial in origin? I strongly suspect the Masters are Outsiders of a sort, resembling bats the way a Ferrari resembles a baby carriage, but i’m not nearly as sure with the Rubbery. Most of my information regarding the Rubbery men comes from Flute street, but it’s contradictory. Arguments for the Terrestrial Hypothesis are the Rubbery Men’s… preserved history and the references to the “New Visitors” (Undoubtedly the Masters) purchasing something from the Flukes, though i’m not sure if it was land, or a lease, or the Rubbery themselves. Arguments for the Outsider Hypothesis are the difficulty with which the Rubbery keep the Flukes alive, the mysterious ores you notice while visiting the “exhibits”, and the Infusion of Vital Essences smacks so strongly of outsider taint I can’t come up with a corny euphemism.

Any other facts or opinions?
edited by Lucas Undercreed on 4/19/2012

The Rubbery Men are an interesting subject. The evidence does seem to favour the idea that they are Outsiders, but since a lot of the more detailed information comes from Flute Street, it therefore comes under the heading of Fate-Locked Content. A shame, because this is something that’s interesting to talk about.
As such, I expect a warning in the very near future.

Indeed, Flute Street has always been a subject that I’ve wanted to discuss (particularly the nature of Vital Essence), but have been afraid to try due to the regulations.

The Rubbery have always been there. But then you arrived.

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