[Spoilers] Describe your character's progression..

As an experiment, I’m curious to see the stories people make around their characters. I’ve been playing for about 3 months and I’m actually fascinated by how you can craft your character, how they change and develop, and how they may end up depending on their end goals and motivation. Here’s an example:

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]The Memory - You will change beyond all understanding, but something of you will remain.[/color]

Den’s journey has been a fascinating one, at the very least. When he first ventured into the Neath, he usually surrounded himself with other fellow Bohemians to experience the height of hedonistic pleasures. However, as he became irrevocably drawn to the mysteries of the Neath and the vast conspiracies between factions, he has slowly drifted into becoming an insidious pawn of the Masters and the Great Game at the cost of his (metaphorical, not literal) soul. To be fair, it is far better to work for the stability of Fallen London than advancing the mutually-destructive Liberation of Night or trusting the criminals and devils that prowl the dark street allies, but Den has committed terrible acts of betrayal and brutality that shocked his core. It was by his hand that the dock workers will never gain the proper benefits that all physical laborers should be entitled to, it is by his testimony that an innocent woman is falsely convicted for a wrong he did not commit, and it is by his prattling that took away any chances for the Cheesemonger to enact the justice she so craves.

If this does not change, the future will be set in stone. He has the potential to be on that long road one day, walking along the Masters as he ponders about the future games he will participate in after he receives his payment. After all, rather than working to reach a higher existence, his main goal would be to play the Great Game for all time even if it expands into another dimension entirely. Nothing else would please him more than to exert his invisible, unescapable influence on a cosmic level, finding new opponents to engage with in a battle of wits while further adventures lie beyond him.

Will this be the future? The Judgements may have ordained it to be the case, but I believe that he will eventually pick a different path. He remains an Author (soon to be Correspondent) of epics and tragic romances rather than a formal agent of the Great Game, he has no regrets in regards to the mercy he’s shown to a few others, and he has made it clear he will never sell the location of the Nadir to any faction. In time, he may meet and fall in love with a brash Seeker of the Name, and it is through this eventual loss of his love that someday, he may awaken to Passion. In that moment, he can prove not only to all of existence, but to himself as well, that love is eternal, and that as long as one has love, there will always be hope.

Now for the ultimate question: is one constrained by Fate or does one decide one’s destiny for himself.