[Spoilers]Cases around London, University Ending?

Hello there,
I was wondering, can you get cases around london regardless of your decision at the end of the university story line?From what I can gather, scientific expedition, it doesn’t matter, but the wording on Cases Around London seeems to imply otherwise?Can anyone confirm or deny that?

I believe you simply have to have finished the University storyline; at least it worked when I blamed the Provost and got expelled, but I expect it might possibly be different if you didn’t get expelled?

The wiki just says Tales of the University 30, which is for getting kicked out, but I’ve noticed sometimes that it can be that or higher…I got anxious and went with turning in the other person and I have 40 now. I obviously can’t say for sure since it’s an opportunity card, but without solving cases around london, you can’t get flute street, so I’d find it odd to literally cut off a location completely dependent on the university choice…

To answer my own question, if you choose to convict whoever else BESIDES the provost, and get Tales of the University 40, you DO still get the bronze card for starting " solving cases around london ". Just in case anyone has this question in the future, hopefully this turns up in search!

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