Spent a hard-earned lesson, had to pay twice?

I spent a hard-earned lesson for a second chance to capture the hyena. I only had about 100 prisoner’s honey. After the first attempt failed, it still took the honey, and I couldn’t try again; I had to cancel out.

Is this normal? I don’t recalls seeing this behavior elsewhere, and it sort of makes the hard-earned lesson pointless, doesn’t it?

Last summer Failbetter decided to begin changing requirements for options into two separate categories, unlocks and costs. This was implemented for everything in the Labyrinth of Tigers and Forgotten Quarter. Unfortunately it turned out to be a bit buggy with issues like the one you found, so they didn’t implement it further as they haven’t been able to fix it with Zubmariner and the mobile apps taking up so much time.

It’s slightly ridiculous that this has been a known bug for so long.

Hopefully after Zubmariner releases, FBG will have enough downtime to fix it. I’m slightly surprised they didn’t revert the changes though after that issue came to light.

Ah well, thanks for the info; succeeded on my second try once I had enough honey.