Soul Seeking post 2/25/15

It appears, based on two anecdotal accounts, that your lost soul is no longer among the Bundle of Oddities list, at least at its previously known location (100). If any of the soulless happens to draw the card &quotWhere’s my soul?&quot after this point, would you mind posting to let us know if the Fate option for soul recovery is still present?

Also, I welcome any and all speculation about new ways to recover one’s soul that may have been added when this was removed. I wonder if it is now meant to be irrecoverable or if a new non-Fate path for it is being added. (Or if the soul was just moved to Bundle 131 or something.)

Well as of this morning (25/2/15), there was still a Fate option on the “Where’s my soul?” card. As I am not particularly bothered by my soullessness, I haven’t ever pursued any soul-searching activities, but it is there.

Given the reason stated in the other thread ( ) i don’ think it’s likely that they’ll touch the fate locked option.

So for once it sounds like I’ve timed things well in terms of changes to the game mechanics. My alt drew his soul from a bundle, via the Fisher Kings, on Tuesday. Can’t say I checked the bundle value at the time - and it may be of course that I did this just before the change. But anyway, another data point for you.

It might be that they’ve put a luck check on the relevant bundle - whatever value they felt was appropriate to correct the economy.