Soul Retrieval for the Modern Man...

So, I seem to have misplaced my soul. Again. Mostly so that I could obtain the Infernal Privilege by way of Lacre. Last time it happened (thanks to a certain Quiet Deviless), I used the fate-locked option for retrieving it - it was very interesting! But I have no particular interest in just replaying that little storyline, especially not when it’s gotten so much more expensive…

But then, how DO I go about it? Well, the obvious answer is that I have to get it from Opening a Bundle of Oddities. But I remember talk about values being adjusted to make this harder, a while back. So I’m not sure how far I can trust the wiki with regards to what oddity-sources are viable. I gather there are several opportunity-cards that can do the trick, but that’s fairly chancy. Suppose I want to be ACTIVELY seeking my soul. What, then, is the recommended approach? IS there even any way to actively grind towards soul-retrieval?

Oh, and I’ve already completed the University, so The Student Body is no longer available to me - assuming that one actually could have worked…

The easier option on one’s public card is the best bet while in London, and at sea its Hoist the Black Flag, which I believe you’ll end up drawing more due to the smaller number of cards. These two should be your best options.
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i sold my soul, i’m not going to actively search it, just if it happens is a good thing (so i can sold it again). it actually doesn’t have any downside and it keeps the devils away
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though any truly obsessive deck optimization would reccomend having it after finishing intimate with devils, the side effect, a card that appears significantly less than the normal ones, isn’t a huge deal. still, once you finish intimate with devils… like i said, truly obsessive deck optimization says having it is a good idea.

Otherwise, just wait. it’ll show up eventually, maybe. if it doesn’t? oh well. no big loss.

Also, draw your cards while in Wolfstack Docks, as both the “Wolfstack in the Fog” and “Bonfire of the Decencies” cards have a chance to return a soul. (For the former, adjust the airs until you can select “Crying His Wares”, and then select “A little extortion” for a Dangerous check that gives a Bundle; for the latter, “Grab whatever you can carry” is a low odds check on a rare card, but if you succeed it grants a bundle that the wiki asserts goes all the way to 1008.)

Hmmm… well, I HAD been meaning to take a sea-journey. For science, you understand. Might be a good chance to engage in some opportunistic piracy - I certainly DO remember running into that ‘hoist the black flag’ option any number of times during my previous sojourns.