[something something] Hunter's Keep? SPOILER

So I’ve finally rescued a sister (Phoebe), but I can’t get her to talk about it. What really happened to Hunter’s Keep?

Edited for spoiler.
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Might want to put a spoiler warning in the title there! That said… I’m not sure. Whatever was happening at the Keep… came to a head, of sorts. I’m not the Hunter’s Keep lore expert - others are much more au fait with the relevant classics and so forth.

Gonna try and rescue Lucy next run: Phoebe said it was her fault. And something about a journal? Sigh…

I don’t think it’s possible to rescue anyone else but Phoebe.

I’m also most curious to see what actually happens at the Keep… and also it will be weird to visit again the sisters in Fallen London after knowning the epilogue of their story! :(

my theory is that you rescue the one you talk to the most. Am I wrong?

I’m roughly 99.8% certain it’s always Phoebe.

I’ve done Hunter’s Keep in SS but I haven’t gotten there in FL yet (saving up Whirring Contraptions for a Zubmarine) so will be very interested to see what the heck happened there.

Also, is their housemaid a deviless?
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I’m pretty sure she is, yes. She doesn’t act like one, exactly, but everyone on that island acts oddly. (Funnily enough, in FL, it’s a lovely place to visit - strange, certainly, but at the same time picturesque and largely peaceful.)

I’m terribly sad about Hunter’s Keep, I hope as more content is released we get to at least learn the fate of the others. I love the sisters and their maid. :heart: This is the sort of story I was hoping to see more of in SS. waits impatiently for more narrarive content :)

You can get a Zubmarine?

In Fallen London, yes. Not in Sunless Sea until the expansion pack is released, and that won’t be for a few months at least!

Should I send Phoebe to the Abbey? She’s a good Surgeon…

There are better surgeons. And she gives you an artifact. But I suggest putting it off until you get a better one. You can always do it later.

You can also escort her to the Surface. She does not tell you what happened. But she does tell you things.