Someone is Coming?

Has anyone successfully raised Someone is Coming to its conclusion? At what rank can one expect a visit from the Capering Relicker? I’m at 7 now, and curious to know where I stand in the progress of this quality.

I believe it is either seven or eight at which you receive the card you are thinking of, but the system isn’t quite how you’re imagining. It might be better if you see for yourself, but if you can’t wait [[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]The Capering Relicker visits and you get a reward, but Counting the Days is merely reset, and you can build it up as many times as you’d like.[/color]]

Oh, excellent, thank you. [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)][I suppose “conclusion” was the wrong word to use, but at the moment I was fumbling for a word to express “the point at which a thing happens and you can get back on the carousel again.” [/color]] :)

Interesting change: Someone Is Coming is no longer reset when you play the card to cash in, it merely drops. (Presumably 21 cp) So now I don’t have to keep those cards in hand forever.