Some Minor Newbie Questions

Hi, all. New friend here (I’m late to the party, I know. I only learned of this place’s existence because of KoL). I’ve experimented a bit with the game and I think I know what I’m doing for the most part, but I have just a few questions.

  • The effect of male/female gender on gameplay seems to be minimal, but I was wondering about the third gender option. Does picking that for your character (and some kind of unique portrait, like the bandaged one) change anything in the game for them, or is that the portrait just flavour and you need to RP out any stuff that comes with being of a different race or whatever in your head?

  • Are there any early quests which I have a chance of missing if I advance too fast? Just want to know if there are any which are liable to disappear so that I can prioritise them.

  • Is the amount of Fate you can earn without paying money set at a hard limit?

Sorry to be a bother.
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Apart from the forms of address used for you in the game, there’s no game effect.

Not as far as I know. That used to be the case, but it’s been changed. Pretty sure you can’t level past anything important. But if you’re worried, look out for storylets with a gold border. Those are important (which doesn’t mean you have to do them right then).

There’s no coded cap on it, but there are very few ways to actually earn it in-game. I’d be surprised if I earned even five or ten Fate through playing through the game normally. Realistically, if you want to play Fate-locked storylines you’ll need to buy Fate. However, you can play 95%+ of the game without paying anything, and the Fate-locked stories are never main plot.

Also, you’re not a bother. Welcome! What stats are you focusing on? If Watchful is important to you, let me know. Also, did Kingdom of Loathing reference Fallen London in some way?

Thanks for the reply :]

KoL hasn’t got an in-game reference to it, I don’t think, but Fallen London came up in a discussion regarding other games that KoLers might enjoy, since it’s another browser game that’s very unique in setting and approach. I am enjoying it immensely so far :]

For this char, Watchful is indeed the most important to me, though I haven’t decided on an Ambition yet.

Excellent! If you PM me your in-character name (or a link to your profile) I may be able to assist you significantly.

Edit: Think I’ve found it (if you play as [redacted] - that name was showing up on the forums also). Sent you a request now.
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Okay, will do!

I started an alt fairly recently. She is currently around 50 in each stat, and has 11 Fate without having paid any money. IIRC you get one or two more points for finishing the Cheesemonger- I haven’t done that yet.

Crocodile, are you above 100 Watchful?

If you’re following Ambition: Nemesis, you can choose to do something horrible that nets you some Fate (5 or 6, I think).

When I stared I saved up all the random bits of fate I collected and I think I got to around 17 before I finally spent it. I think there might have been a couple sources I missed so the max is probably in the 19-20 range. Maybe. It was a while ago and I may be misremembering.

That point of Fate from the romantic path in the Empress’ Court is no longer there.

Nowhere near that high, yet.

Huh. Have been trying to send you Patronage social actions. Are you perhaps out of Free Evenings, instead?