Solving a case: Where are they?

In regards to the title, it is a question I have had since joining the game. Where are the &quotcases&quot in London? A number of cards have the option for these cases, but outside of maybe one or two from the start of the game I can not think of any other stories that use this quality. Are they artifacts from and older mechanic? Or are new cases in the works but as of yet unreleased?

Cases are located in Ladybones Road, and are mostly early game.

I think they are implemented a year ago or two as part of the redesign for the early game Watchful content - things like the Starving Poet, the Missing Heiress and Absconding Devil, which used to be called &quotVenture&quot and functioned more like Running Battle where you repeat a story-specific storylet and build up Investigating / etc.

The new version is what you are seeing now - and there are end-game cases implemented more recently as part of Nemesis and Bag a Legend Ambitions. The difficulty scales, which could be a nasty surprise.

However, I don’t think it is completely finished - for example, the game present &quotNoise&quot as this big menace you should avoid, but I don’t think you can see any effect at all. For the time being, detective cases are mostly a matter of how much actions you want to spend on it, and whether do you want to speed up by trading in connections (hint: you shouldn’t).
edited by Estelle Knoht on 7/23/2015