Soliciting the Remains of Vermin (Rattus faber)

[Posted on the wall is a rather lengthy missive concerning one woman’s request for…is she asking for LB tails? What possible reason could she have for…

In any case, it’s lengthy, overwrought, patched with enough purple to pass for motley at this point, and…rife with typographical errors. Her abuse of the semicolon brings a sympathetic tear to your eye.

But…well, you do have a few tails laying about, don’t you? Perhaps you could send them to her. You certainly have no use for them, and the madwoman needs a rat-king’s ransom of the d__ned things if her posting’s to be believed. It’s signed Sachikoma EX , but the name &quotRagged Martha&quot is scrawled underneath, along with a frankly caustic – and handwritten – condemnation of the Hendricks and Son and Daughter Printing Company.]

[In the distance, you hear someone shrieking, their hoarse cries punctuated by the unmistakable staccato of a ratting-piece. A coincidence, you hope.]