Social Goals and Darkdrop Coffee

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the little green pop-up bar at the top of the screen that FL uses for notifications. I just got one that says three social goals have been completed for the Sunless Skies Kickstarter and to collect my Darkdrop Coffee, but the date says February 2nd and I’ve already used the code. Were more social goals completed? Did someone at Failbetter accidentally use the same notification and code as previously? Or is this just a bug on my end that I should dismiss and ignore?[li]

I’m in the same situation - I think they wanted to give people a chance to get the coffee who’d been away from Fallen London when they first put up the banner.

I too had that reaction… Momentary excitement followed by the burst bubble of the date stamp. I still tried the code anyway though :) Also since the notification it replaced referenced a livestream that had already happened they probably wanted to get something else up there.

It happened to me also.

[color=#cc0099]Hello delicious friends! Oops! Seems there’s a little glitch attached to this one. Apologies for any mislead elation. There should be an exciting update to the Kickstarter page later today though, as we’ve now unlocked 12 social goals![/color]

Can’t wait! And I really hope the 300k goal will be reached even if the daily income drops constantly… Still have hope!