social actions = servers flaring and dying?

Is this happening to anyone else? I ask because if multiple people have already reported it, I won’t add to the deluge; but if it’s just me, well. Thanks.

Absolutely - started happening to me for all social actions.
Haven’t sent a bug report yet.

I got it just now when I was going to use my second chance for my goat’s unique talents, and when I clicked on “Story” the game says I don’t have enough Actions for it. And when I got the extra action I needed, it took another 8 Actions on top of the ones I already spent. Cursed server.

Ok, bug report sent.

I read some IT people saying that as a rule, it’s better to send a bug report even when you suspect that several people have already done so, because it gives them an idea of how common that bug is. Also, not everybody reports, so you might even be the first.

Yep, just started playing today, and no socials can be sent. This includes invites to the House of Chimes.

Fixed now.

– Mal
edited by malthaussen on 11/16/2015

And now it’s fixed.

This was happening to me for a while…suprising how quickly it was fixed after a few people sent a bug report.

It only happened to me a few times (and only to my main character) this weekend but it did happen. Is your FB use via Twitter, by chance? My main’s use is that way, but my alt signs in via e-mail and had no problems this weekend.

Twitter but with an email login, but it only happened this morning.

I have successfully received and sent requests for Sparring.