Social actions issues

Is anyone else having problems with inviting players via cards? I tried sending my mandrake to a facebook friend to invite them, but the page just loads and loads, but never quite finishes. I’ve tried both firefox and (ugh) IE, but it doesn’t load on either.

It’s possible your friend list is too large.[li]

If this is true, then is there any way to invite friends? I don’t have the person I’m wanting to invite on twitter, and was really wanting to use the card to help them get started.

I guess you could use an email, or use a link procured by someone else? I would give you some of my scholar of correspondence ones if I hadn’t just deleted them.

Eh, I suppose I’ll just send the link, then. The card would give us both something, but I suppose I’ll just have to do wtihout :/

There was a big problem with invite a friend recently but I thought it was fixed.

I don’t use Facebook but Twitter links are working.

Have you got your email linked to FallenLondon/Storynexus? There is an email option on the invite a friend cards but I haven’t tried it so have no idea if it works.

If that doesn’t work I would send in a bug report.