Social Action Requirement Checks

I have a very specific question about social action mechanics.

Suppose I meet the requirements for sending a social action, and send one to someone who meets the requirements to accept it. Then, before they accept it, I stop meeting the requirements to send it. Will the recipient be able to accept those invitations?

I sent a bunch of interview requests when my &quotHours Before the Deadline&quot quality was 2, but then I accidentally let HBtD drop to 1. I have enough invites queued to get to one of the top options for my newspaper, but sending interview requests requires at least HBtD 2.

The only situation I have experience of that relates to this is sending invitations for nights out and then running out of free evenings before they were accepted. At that point, the addressee can no longer accept, only decline (since I lack qualities). I suspect you now also “lack qualities”.

True, but in that case the quality is used up. The check on the sender’s quality may only be run when it simulates removing it.[li]

I can confirm that in the case you describe, others can accept the interview requests and you’ll receive the reward even if Hours Before Deadline has dropped for you below the level needed to send the request.

I have had someone accept a Tournament of Lillies request when I was no longer at the correct level.

At least some conditions prevent acceptance, such as one person entering menace zones. It may vary depending on the action.

When I tried to accept an invitation to dinner recently, I got something like “the person who sent you this no longer has the qualities needed”, presumably meaning they’d used up all their free evenings elsewhere. So there are some conditions where it doesn’t work that way.