Soap's Fated Storylet in the Clay Quarters;

Today, I got a few new fate chips. &quotLucky me!&quot I thought to myself, &quotNow I can explore a few new storylets! Or at least a third of one!&quot

So I thought it might be interesting to head down to the Clay Quarters, whilst seeing what I could see, and lo and behold but a Clay Man was being assaulted by two brutes of his own kind! I felt this an injustice, and had the lucky opportunity to burn a bit of my own fate to spare a poor Clay Man from his own.

Unfortunately, that’s where the whole affair ended. Soap and I did not make further acquaintance; in fact, I later saw the same two brutes pressing him. I am a bit worn down, though, and I’m not sure if I could have the same luck from ambuscade that I did before.

In short, does helping out Soap lead to any further interaction? Or is he (she? it?) doomed to the same pressures as always?

I believe that Soap is doomed to repeat that sequence forever. If a branch doesn’t give you a unique quality it probably won’t lead into anything further because the game has no way of knowing that you’ve picked that option previously. Branches can have multiple outcomes, but I can’t recall any Fate-locked branches that offer something unique if you get a rare success. Maybe they’re out there, but I haven’t seen anyone mention an alternative success for Soap.

I really would like to see more of Soap (especially) and Sophia!

They’re fate locked companions you can get at the Feast of the Rose. Which will unfortunately have you waiting a long time if you want them since it just passed. >.<

Yes yes I know :) I meant in Storylets