So, which animals talk in the Neath?

Which animals, normally and mutely existing on the Surface, show human-like intelligence? I guess some might be incapable of speech, but still be smarter than your grandma. So–

All cats, probably.

Tigers- do tigers talk? They seem smart.

Only some rats do.


Mynahs? Or is it just repeating words as usual?

I don’t think monkeys speak, but they seem intelligent in a human way… they play cards, I’ve heard.

Dogs? Dogs drink absinthe, sometimes, but I’m not sure if they talk. Wolves?

I’ve never seen a horse speak, I don’t think.

Spiders don’t, unless they’re a Council…

Uh, my information is probably really incomplete. I’m curious, because it seems like a downright Narnia around here…

Yep, tigers do speak, at least if they are from the Carnelian Coast. (Does the Bengal Tigress speak?) They are not just smart but can be quite manipulative in their own feline way.

I don’t think the Disappointing Marsh-Wolf speaks, nor do the dogs. Weasels also seem incapable of speech.

Also, certain ocelots can speak… and write! There’s a tidbit on that from the Kickstarter Q&A.

[quote=MidnightVoyager] There’s a tidbit on that from the Kickstarter Q&A.[/quote]I still say they’re all mad. Belfast is brilliant.

In a far off land, oh you know the one good chap, it appears that most animals can talk, from the lizard to the wolf, I would love to have a talking wolf, quite the noble animal they are.

That log was a treat. :D

I remembered seeing a tiger speak in a dream. But then, I suppose anything can happen there.

…Can snakes speak? Not any suspiciously dog-named heavenly ones, your normal vipers and whatnot.

Do Blemmigan count? They are carnivorous mushrooms, not animals, but they love Poetry.

Squids talk (kinda), and walk around in fancy suits.

I heard certain bats can speak and even write ;)

ginea-pigs talk, though they may fall under rats. They would say that’s like comparing savages and londoners, though. They may be the same species, but they’re so different it’s simpler to assume otherwise.