So Very Close

I’m very close to become a PoSI, but the only problem is this: My shadowy is somewhat terrible. So, I thought why not go on the forums and see who is in the spirit of giving. In other words, I would like people to spam me with shadowy cards. That is all.

You might consider posting the request in the Young Turks and Christmas Cards 2015 threads. The Young Turks was devised specifically to help new players reach PoSI. Once you do make it, the Janissary Guard can help orient you to your new status.
What about Lurking? Some players have their Christmas cards all earmarked, but some Lurking can be almost as good, if you don’t cherish your Connected: Society or your MW.

– Mal

The number i was given was +10, plus 3 second chances, so better to be begging for cards, if you can get’m.

2cp on sending. 10cp on getting, as Grenem said.

Well, this thread is now useless, as I have achieved my status as A Person of Some Importance. Oh joy. Now I just have to see about getting a ship…