So... Let's Discuss Iron Republic.

I have recently made my journey to the Iron Republic and was flabbergasted. The &quotTorch-wielding Anarchists, as reflected by a fearful eye&quot banner was a revelation, but the beautiful, confusing journal was… something else. Laws of nature repealed! Mockeries of the Bazaar and, possibly, Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall, erected as landmarks! Fogs with consistency of porridge! Barristers and lovely, jovial devils! Official Shooters and Random High Justices! Still, I feel that I can’t make heads or tails of this marvel of the Unterzee. What is your take on this precursor of the Chinese Cultural Revolution? [li]

The Iron Republic is true anarchy, rebelling even against the ‘laws’ of natural physics and chemistry. Yet: as “nature abhors a vacuum”(-ish), so too even the lax approach to justice in the Neath is offended by the excesses of the Iron Republic, as shown in the fact that laws rain down on the state as precipitation, in an attempt to manifest some control over it.

Personally I suspect it was an experiment by Hell that went horribly, horribly wrong, even by their standards.

I just dreamed of that location and the roses and rainbows are… different. I can’t wait to go there.

I have to go there sooner or later for my ambition. Any tips or stuff that I need to watch out for? I already have 5 portfolios and might be travelling for the dream key in the future.

When you get there, do all of your exploration before finishing your Ambition’s business. When the carousel ends, you normally have to go out to Zee or pay Fate to restart it. When there on some bloody-handed business, you can repeat without doing either. MIght as well make the most of things while you’re there.

It’s a strange place, and charming in its own way, but after a few runs through to see most of the content, you probably won’t be in a hurry to return.

Oh, and be sure to grab a Journal on your way out as well, as they are good BDR items. (And can even be sold for a little if you bring home extras.)

If you snub an old acquaintance you can repeat part of the carousel without leaving or paying fate.

Good fun, quite a few interesting paths you can take.

Laws as precipitation is an interesting tid-bit. What do you make of the Weeping devils by the Great Wall?